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Handling our New Normal

TedTips   Right now, we are facing significant changes to our daily lives. With the peaking of COVID-19 cases not yet upon us, and with many of us under shelter-in-place lockdown, immediate plans are on hold, sweeping us into strong currents with known and unknown obstacles we must navigate as we’re floating towards an uncertain […]

developing your self-awareness – attention to breath

Just like you’d build a house, you start with a robust foundation.  Fundamental to constructing a more productive mindset is first developing your self-awareness.  This is not easy as it seems. Often, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will get in your way, placing obstacles in the way of  being able to observe and to truly […]

First one

I’m so excited to be starting my new practice as a mental performance coach. So far, I believe that I’ve been impactful working with high school age competitive athletes and imparting some past experience as well as skills I’ve learned, to help them perform at a higher level and with more consistency. The approach that […]