are you ready?

I am passionate about helping you to accomplish your goals and aspirations. If you are ready for change and to take charge of your mental game, contact me. Included in all packages is a 30 minute initial consultation to determine your needs and if we are a good me


Individual coaching allows for a fully customized “meet you where you’re at” approach  that allows us to collaboratively  build sustainable practices to ensure maximal retention

6 sessions

An ideal introduction to mental performance training and an excellent starter option for high school age athletes and performers. This is a starting point for developing increased self-awareness and tips for developing a more effective mindset.

10 sessions

Clients Choose this package if they are committed to more in depth work, developing and practicing a new mental tool kit & self-sustaining practice for maximum results.

18 sessions

  • This package is ideal for combining with your off season –> during season. We go deeper to not only identify but understand the underlying source issues. Then we can better create changes in perspective because we have the time to develop sustainable and impactful habits that lead to lasting performance gains. 

teams / groups

Our Team workshops are designed to integrate and add value to your current structure and dynamics. We customize the topics and activities. This is intended to be a multi-workshop series. We will prioritize specific mental performance techniques depending on your Team’s needs and areas of interest.  These are roll up your sleeves workshops. 



From an introduction to mental skills topics to drilling down into a specific skill and group activities, presentations are customized based on client needs.  Please contact me for more details .